Patient Portal

Our new patient portal is here!  We have been hard at work establishing our new electronic health record in order to best to support efforts in coordinating and providing care. Our system has many great features including automated text and reminder calls for your appointments and a fantastic patient portal to help you stay informed and engaged in your care.

We have included the link below for patients who have signed up for our patient portal. If you are interested in setting up your account, we will need you to complete the Patient Portal Registration Form and return it to our office.

This work speaks to one of our core values – innovation – as we dedicate time and energy to bring people together to collaborate and share ideas and reduce barriers.  We are continuously working on practical innovations and improvements to our systems so that we can identify new opportunities, stand together to tackle challenges, and be responsive to changes in healthcare and in our communities.

Making a difference in the lives of our patients and our community.

Providing compassionate, high quality healthcare services for all.