Substance Use Disorder Treatment

For years, HAN has steadily developed a coordinated and comprehensive outpatient mental health and substance use treatment program.  We look to bridge medical treatment, nurse care management and behavioral health care to support patients on their path to regaining or maintaining a life free from substances.

We are extremely proud to offer a program dedicated to treatment for opioid use disorder in our community, which features a care team approach – including medical clinicians, nurse care coordinators, behavioral health counselors and patient assistance representatives – and allows us to work with you in addressing needs ranging from assessment and treatment, to primary care and medication management, to counseling and group therapy, to relapse and recovery support.  Our program offers medication treatment with both oral Buprenorphine therapy (Suboxone) and extended release Buprenorphine (Sublocade) as treatment options.

*We offer free Narcan at all sites to all patients and community members to help save lives.*

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