Thanks again to Penquis CAP for the backpacks!

Posted on September 06, 2019
Thanks again to Penquis CAP for the backpacks!

HAN received 45 backpacks and accompanying school supplies from Penquis CAP, courtesy of their “We’ve Got Your Back” program.  This outstanding program is dedicated to purchasing backpacks and school supplies for children in families facing financial challenges. 

Our Care Coordinators have worked with staff across the organization to ensure these backpacks and supplies find their way to homes in our community where back to school preparations can come at a cost that some families cannot afford.

It’s always good to be able to put things in perspective, so we will once again share Renae Muscatell’s – Community Relations Manager at Penquis CAP – remarks about the program. “It can be cost prohibitive for many families to get all the things kids need.  We have parents say that because we have helped out with the backpacks and supplies this allows them to buy their kids a pair of sneakers or other needed clothing items. In some circumstances, the backpack will be the only new item some children will have when they return to school this year. Teachers have also expressed their appreciation, saying that having new supplies greatly impacts a child’s confidence.”

Last year, Penquis CAP was able to donate 22 backpacks in addition to supplies.  We are so appreciative to have a local partner working with us to support the needs of the communities we serve!

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